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Results. Good Times Gone BANNED 2009 GTGB2

July, 27 2016

GTGB2 went down this Saturday at the Moreno Valley Skate Park. This was the second annual “Good Times Gone Banned” contest. Appropriately named “Mo’Val Throwdown”, the event definitely lived up to its name. The idea was to throw a contest for the locals. This event was not about what pro was going to show, a huge purse, or who was going to come in and clean house. It was all about supporting the local skateboarders, the ones who are down to all day everyday skate day.  Kids with no sponsors, just some beat up shoes and a board with a razor tail so bad that they could probably use it to shave with…. that is if their prepubescent faces could even grow hair. So with that said, the lineup was set weeks before the event, went down thanks to over 50 eager kids who signed up early to make sure they got into the contest. The three categories were broken down as follows, 13 and under, 14-16, and 17 and over. The format consisted of a four minute jam session for each qualifier, semi-final and the finals. Making it to the finals for 13 and under were Terrell Miller, Daniel Melgoza, and Nolan Miskell.  This round was no joke. These grooms seriously threw it down with man sized tricks, little Nolan killing it on the rail (must have learned a few things from his big bro Matt) landing him a third place spot, Terrell eating the stairs alive with his flip tricks got him second, and Daniel stepping up his last years efforts going big and using the whole park as a battlefield slaying everything in sight landing him the coveted first place slot in grooms division. The 14-16 division was pretty good although I think I fell asleep for part of it. Making it to the finals and taking third was Roberto Arguello, second place ended up with Montrell Coleman and first place went to Charlie Gass with his bossy style. It was at the finals for the 17 and over was where it all went down. The crowd was hyped up to see these guys throw down and they did!  The finals brought three heavy hitters to the table but an honorable mention needs to go out to both Joe Sanchez and Steven Brezinski who barley missed the cut. Forrest Edwards took out all the stops and went for broke with a array of tech tricks on the stairs and just about everything else. Brenton Vincent kept it consistent with tricks like front blunts down the nine rail landing him in second place, but it was Johnny Marquez who let it all hang out using the entire park to lay down his assault. With consistency and tricks that set off the Richter scale like a lofty front 180 step up the bank flat three (this thing must have been 20 feet long!) kept him on top in first place. If that wasn’t enough for everyone to wrap their minds around, we kept it going with our best trick contest down the nine. This was the ultimate battle royal with everyone going for broke! At the end the decision was left to the crowd. It was a toss up between John Marquez’s switch fs big heel (on a broken board) down the nine and Forrest Edwards bs 360 kickflip. In a noble gesture, Johnny humbly conceded to Forrest. Honorable mentions go to Andrew Thompson with a double flip down the nine, Tyler Coon’s buttery back heel, and to that little dude who did the three flip down the nine whoever you are! From there we moved on to everyone’s favorite part of a skate event, the product toss!!!  Awards presentation but apparently this caused too much commotion because it was all cut short as we were escorted by police out of the Skatepark. Nonetheless it turned out to be a great event. Banned Board Shop would like thank all the sponsors (Rich Smith at Fallen, Tyler Enyendi at Sole Tech and NHS, Oliver at Deluxe Dist, Matt Holdridge at Zoo York and Tum Yeto, Andee Quinn and Morgan at Volcom, Scott Jun at Point Dist., Scott Lefever at Dwindle Dist, Erik Maki at Nixon, Brandon @ Black Label, and everyone who came out to the event to made it such a success!. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!

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