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Original Freeride 41RC Longboard Deck Price: $129.00 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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The Freeride 41RC

As we have moved from a Freestyle leaning freestyle-freeride blend to a more pure Freeride focus we have asked our boards to step up to the challenge.
No board has responded more positively to that new found riding diversity than the Freeride 41 RockerConcave.

The Freeride 41 sports the stability of the longest wheelbase in our longboard line-up while the RC concave grants enough rocker (0.5in)
to keep it nimble on those mellow sections at your favorite hill or around town.
The rocker also eases slide initiation making it easier than ever to break your wheels free.
While the FR41 RockerConcave is preferred for our freeride-freestyle pursuits see ÔøΩLongboarding BarcelonaÔøΩ,
itÔøΩs higher speed DH performance has also pleasantly suprised us with the Freeride 41 RockerConcave being ridden to a Top 20 finish at the 2011 Euro Downhill championships in Italy.

Recommended RideFocus

No board does it all, check your height vs the Freeride 41RC recommended ridefocus;
Rider Height >= 5ft9in): Freeride 70%; Freestyle 30%
Rider Height <= 5ft8in): Freeride 80%; Freestyle 20%
Freeride 41 RC Stats.
The Devil is in the details. HereÔøΩs the Freeride 41 RockerConcave stacks up.
Length: 41in x Width: 10.25in x Wheelbase: 28in
Concave Depth @10.25in: (.620in)
Concave Shape: tUb
Effect Platform: 26in x 9.85in
Effective Concave @9.75in: (.60in)
Rocker Depth: .50in Rocker
Gas Pedals: 40 Degree / 45 Degree
Contruction: 9 Ply Notheastern Maple
KickSpecs: 5.0in wide x 3.5in long x 1.5in tall
KickRatio: (3.5 x2) 7 / 34 = 20.5%
Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back: 3 / 3

Write a review | No reviews for this product.